Aatuti Art

Aatuti Art

Essentially Norfolk

Aatuti Art is a quintessential gallery and exquisite gift shop.

We share with visitors and locals a delightful collection of local artist designed and handmade goods inspired by our beautiful island home and heritage. 
Welcome to a world of vivid colours, patterns and design in Pacific essence.

Our textiles are designed with much love, creativity as well as being of easy wear apparel. Homewares are handprinted with customary tapa (bark cloth) printing techniques of our Polynesian heritage combined with modern fabrics and inks. 
Choose from an expansive array of T-shirts, hoodies and polo shirts for all ages, styles and sizes….designs reflecting the nature and culture of our beautiful Norfolk Island.

It is… essentially Norfolk… with something for everyone.

Aatuti Art gallery features original artworks of Norfolk Islander, Pitcairn descendant artist, Sue Pearson. A practicing fine artist for over 30 years, Sue has exhibited in New Zealand, Australia, the US, Europe and widely throughout the Pacific and has works in numerous permanent and public collections around the world. Her love and passion for her Norfolk and Pitcairn history, and particularly Norfolk’s Polynesian origins is her steadfast in fine art and design.
Handicrafts and woodcarvings from Pitcairn Island and fragrant oils and soaps from Tahiti, blend with our own unique collection.

Aatuti warmly invites you to immerse into our Pacific family stories through the eyes of an artist.


Celebrate Norfolk Island and all that is ‘essentially Norfolk’ with an Aatuti gift, artwork, clothing as a memorable keepsake of this special place for yourself, family and friends.

email: aatutiart@norfolk.net.nf

Taylors Road